Eyeglasses that Fit Your Lifestyle

Eyeglasses that Fit Your Lifestyle

Most individuals will get presbyopia by the age of 40–an eye condition that causes a decrease in the ability of focusing on objects at a close range. This condition makes reading difficult and words on a page may become blurry. When this occurs, most people turn to reading glasses to magnify the blurry print.

Finding glasses with the appropriate strength for your eyes, in a shape that complements your face shape, is important to those experiencing presbyopia. It may be challenging to find reading glasses that suit your needs, lifestyle and personality, but the following tips offer guidance in finding the perfect reading glasses for you.

Take your face shape into consideration when buying reading glasses.
It’s vital to consider the shape of your face when choosing your reading eyewear, whether your face is round, square, oval or diamond. This helps you to determine the frames that will enhance your face look.

The important thing to remember is that opposites attract; this implies that you should opt for reading eyeglasses which are contrary to your facial contours. This brings balance and symmetry which ensures that you’re comfortable and confident in your new eyewear.

You should also consider the following three points when selecting your eyeglass frames:

  • The glasses should match your best facial feature. A great example would be a frame that matches or accentuates the color of your eyes.
  • The shape of the frame should contrast with the shape of your face. For example, if your face is round, consider a square eyeglass frame; if your face is square, consider a round frame.
  • The size of the frame has to be in scale with the size of your face. If you have a wide face, don’t choose eyeglasses that are too narrow for your face.

Find reading glasses that have the appropriate strength for your eyes.
Finding readers with the perfect lens strength is very important before moving on with your purchase. This can be achieved by trying on different reading glasses with varying power and figuring out which one works best for you.

You can also print out our reading glasses power chart. It is recommended to narrow your options down to two choices which you are able to read well with, then choose the one with the lower of the two power levels. This allows the ability to adjust to the reading glasses and their power level and move up to a stronger power down the road.

Choose reading glasses that complement your skin tone.
Your skin tone also determines which eyeglass frames look best on you, just like your face shape can.

  • Light skin tones with warm undertones look best with warm-toned neutrals like olive green, and more saturated tones like amber and plum.
  • Light skin tones with cool undertones look best with blues and rosy pinks. Avoid ambers and yellowish green colors.
  • Medium skin tones with warm undertones look best with tortoise and forest greens.
  • Medium skin tones with cool undertones look best with blue-greens, cool blues, and blue-based reds.
  • Dark skin tones with warm undertones look best with ombre frames and metallic colors.
  • Dark skin tones with cool undertones look best with purples, black, and cool-toned blue-based greens.

Choose eyeglass frames that suit your lifestyle.
There are reading eyeglass frames made for the many different walks of life. It is advisable to think about your activities as well as reading habits before settling on a given type of reading eyewear.

If you work in an active environment and have to use reading eyeglasses throughout the day, a good solution would be frames that can bend and twist without breaking. Our Bendz Reading Glasses are perfect for an active lifestyle as they’re ultra flexible and feature spring hinges.

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