You Need Healthy Eyes to Enjoy Clearer Vision!

“The Eye is the Jewel of the Body.”   –  Henry David Thoreau.

To fully appreciate the colorful world around us demands healthy eyesight. Unknown to many, the status of your vision impacts your whole life performance in many ways. Globally, approximately 25 percent of all school-age children have vision problems. Also, by relating these empirical statistics to the adult group with a higher tendency to many health challenges, you will recognize the depth of what we are highlighting by this insight.

These vision issues can undoubtedly interfere with our capacity and capability to visually learn and participate in social, physical, and educational activities if undiagnosed. Nonetheless, early detection, diagnosis, and management of vision problems help improve our learning outcome and overall vision.

A comprehensive eye exam is easy and without pain. Besides, it is the best requirement for eye health and optimum clearer vision. Ask anyone who has undergone an eye exam, and they will confirm this. Whether healthy or not, having some suspicions or otherwise, you still need a yearly eye check.

Meanwhile, you may feel that all is well with your eyes and beat your chest that all is just fine without knowing that you are suffering from some underlying eye conditions. The fact is that many eye diseases do not present common indicative symptoms or noticeable warning signs. Therefore, the state of your eye could go from minor to worse without a timely clinical examination of the eyes.

Therefore, your best bet is to have a comprehensive eye exam done at least once a year to facilitate early eye checks and discovery of the many of these possible eye diseases suffered by many in our society. When you undertake these routine checks, the eye doctor can detect these eye problems where they exist; otherwise, you get a clean bill of health from the Optometrist by confirming the health of your eyes supported with empirical medical or evidence-based proof or assurance.

Also, early detection of eye problems can help the patient get the necessary advice, management, or correction of the eye problem, making your eye health situation more cost-effective and manageable. No doubt, a stitch in time saves nine!

Please, decide now, make that conscious move to take care of your eye health by doing the needful – the right thing, the right way, and at the right time. Make it part of your yearly New Year’s Resolution!

When last did you do an eye check? schedule your appointment now!

Dr. Uzochi Anemene (Optometrist)

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