Repairs & Adjustments

Eyeglass Repair

Drop your glasses? Or maybe you sat on them, your dog chewed them, or your kids decided your glasses were a toy? Perhaps your prescription is no longer accurate or you wore your glasses to a sporting event rather than your contacts, and now you need help.

Accidents happen and prescriptions change. Tobago Eyecare has you covered when it comes to eyeglass repairs. If you have a pair of glasses that are in need of a repair or adjustment, bring them in. Simply drop off your frames to us and we will get them repaired for you as quickly as possible, sometimes while you wait.

We need to assess the repair and provide you with a price before starting any work. You get professional service from licensed optometrists. Our parts and tools are high quality to ensure your repaired glasses are durable.

Eyeglass Adjustments 

Glasses slipping? A quick tune-up can improve your vision and make your frames fit more comfortably in minutes! For eyeglass adjustments come to Tobago Eyecare & Optical Services LTD.

Here’s some tips and tricks for keeping your lenses and frames in good shape:

  • Keep your glasses in a case at all times when you aren’t wearing them
  • Clean them with the proper cloth and cleaning solution, or have them cleaned professionally to ensure they are not damaged by incorrect solutions
  • Ensure a proper fit so your glasses as less likely to bend, break, move, or stretch
  • Add a protective lens coating that is scratch-resistant
  • Be careful of too much exposure to elements (for example, leaving your glasses out in the car can cause the frames to snap)

Even when you take precautions, we understand that accidents happen. If you need our help, Tobago Eyecare is happy to welcome you.

Our optometry clinic provides comprehensive eye care services including:

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