Concerned About Glaucoma, – “The Stealth Eye Disease”?

Glaucoma is an eye disease many people have heard of but may not fully understand. Educating yourself, your family, and your friends is important since the eye disease – Glaucoma is becoming increasingly common nowadays. Besides, Glaucoma is a silent thief of sight.

The eye produces a fluid called aqueous humor, which nourishes the eye and circulates its tissues. If the fluid produced is not balanced by the fluid draining away, the pressure inside the eye can increase, potentially leading to Glaucoma. This condition can cause damage to the optic nerve, leading to vision loss if left unmanaged.

Glaucoma can occur when the drainage tube within the eye becomes slightly blocked or obstructed, preventing the aqueous humor from draining normally. There are two main types of Glaucoma: primary and secondary. Primary Glaucoma is the most common and can be caused by an issue with the eye’s drainage system or a complete blockage of the drainage angle. Secondary Glaucoma is caused by an underlying eye condition or external factors that increase eye pressure. Both types can lead to vision loss if not detected and managed promptly.

It is important to have regular eye exams to detect Glaucoma early and prevent potential complications. The frequency of eye checkups depends on factors such as age, overall eye health, and existing eye conditions. A regular eye exam every one to two years is typically sufficient for healthy individuals with no eye issues. However, those with eye conditions, a family history of eye diseases, or other risk factors may need more frequent visits.

Consult an eye care professional with concerns about your eyesight or glaucoma risk. Following your doctor’s advice regarding eye drops or other recommended eye management procedures is also important. Regular follow-ups and adherence to your doctor’s instructions are crucial for maintaining eye health and effectively managing existing eye conditions.

If there is a family history of Glaucoma or other eye ailments, all family members must take proactive steps to maintain their eye health. This includes scheduling regular comprehensive eye exams, understanding family health history, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, using protective eyewear, and paying attention to any changes in vision or the appearance of the eyes.

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Dr. Uzochi Anemene (Optometrist)

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