Latest Frame Trends in Our Shop

Latest Frame Trends in Our Shop

1. Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat eyeglasses are and will always be a symbol of femininity. Styled by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, cat eyeglasses are a must in every top woman’s eyeglass list.

Suggested face shape
Cat eyeglasses work best with diamond-shaped faces. Diamond faces usually have a narrower forehead and chin, while cat eyeglasses are wide so they work perfectly together.

Women should also know that cat eye glasses will draw your face upwards and will make you look younger. They are literally the glasses that make you look younger.

2. Round Eyeglasses
Have been making a major comeback this season. Currently, among the hottest trends in women’s fashion, round glasses are destined for the free-spirited woman.

Suggested face shape
Ladies with square features should opt for round or oval glasses because they will soften their features. The roundness of the frame will come in contrast with the angular features assuring you of a beautiful result.

3. Geek/Hipster Eyeglasses
The geek style is a must in a list of fashion glasses for women. Though a relatively new style, geek glasses have become a symbol of wearing trendy frames without prescription lenses. Often called nerd glasses, they make you look like a cute, attractive… well… “nerd”!

Suggested face shape
Hipster glasses are most time round, square, or rectangular, so they should contrast with your face shape. Women with round or oval faces should go for frames that are wider than the face because the frame will add more balance to the circular features.

4. Vintage Eyeglasses
Vintage-inspired glasses are still in style, and you can rock them with confidence. Women prefer retro eyewear styles because they preserve the throwback design and add a modern twist.

Suggested face shape
Ladies should choose their frame type in regard to its shape and compatibility with the face. For a complete guide of frames and face shapes, you can visit our article on choosing glasses according to your face shape.

5. Oversized Eyeglasses
Big glasses are amongst the best women’s glasses because they are exciting and engaging, a sort of invitation to a conversation.

Suggested face shape
The ideal face for oversized glasses is an oval or plump face. They also work for round faces as long as the oversized glasses silhouette is the opposite – square or rectangular.

6. Browline Eyeglasses
The browline glasses have been gaining in popularity over the year and have emerged as one of the best-selling women’s glasses frames.

Suggested face shape
The best type of face for this style is oval and round with a big forehead that can support this frame.

7. Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses
The Tortoise shell glasses, also known as horn-rimmed glasses and cat eyeglasses, have been best seller eyewear for a while now, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

Suggested face shape
With the tortoiseshell pattern, you only have to consider the shape of your frames. Try using shapes that are opposite to that of your own face and you will shine.

8. Clear Eyeglasses Frames
The clear glasses frames are one of those cool glasses styles that you can’t go wrong with. They have a unique way of bringing light to your face and complimenting facial features.

Suggested face shape
The square and rectangular clear frames go best with oval and round faces because it flattens the features and balances the face. Because the frame is clear, it will contrast beautifully with darker skin tones.

Where and how to buy your eyeglasses?
Have you decided which styles works best for you? You can buy glasses from Tobago Eye Care, with prescription lenses.

Eyeglasses change the way you see the world and the way the world sees you. We have shown you 2019’s future best eyeglasses styles for women so if you are planning to make a wardrobe change, know that you have chosen wisely!

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